30 Shades of Dead–A new Anthology

30ShadesofDeadCvr-1Exciting news! My story At Thirty Weeks is included in the new anthology 30 Shades of Dead A collection of mysteries to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sisters in Crime.

Every story includes some element of thirty or takes place thirty years ago. If you love a good mystery, you’ll love these stories!

The anthology is available in print and pre-order for ebook (released 10/31, just in time for Halloween!) Read an excerpt below!


At Thirty Weeks – Excerpt

The Pall Mall trembled between Agnes’ lips, the crusted tip threatening to topple. She rocked back and forth, staring through the sheer curtains. Morning light crept between the apartment buildings across the street, hesitating to come in, as though not wanting to know the truth.

The skin on her bones hurt.

Blinking even hurt.

“Please sweetie.” Pearl shuffled in, her bony fingers clutching a burnished silver tray. Steamy liquid slosh ed over the porcelain cup’s edges. “Put something in your stomach.” 


Act normally?

Agnes shook her head, words paralyzed in her throat like flies in a spider’s web. Stuck. Unable to go forward or backward.

Her mama meant well, but the foreboding in her stomach swelled. Something felt wrong. Terribly wrong.