A Thousand Wishes for You


Happy New Year!

At the bottom of my Christmas stocking, I found a thousand wishes. Not in the true sense of Aladdin type wishes, but rather a bottle of bubble bath with the name A Thousand Wishes. The scent reminded me of a garden of grapefruits mingled with bubble gum.

But it was the name that grabbed hold of me and got me thinking.

A Thousand Wishes.

What if each of us made a thousand wishes? One thousand REAL wishes for anything.  Health. Love. Peace. Warmth. And then we made them come true by small acts of kindness. Maybe with a smile or asking someone how they are?  Just think of the magnitude of adding all this love into the world!

My Wishes for You

I wish you health.

I wish you love in your family.

I wish you peace in your mind and heart.

I wish you warmth and food and shelter.

I wish you the courage to weather the storms.

I wish you the healing power of nature, whether land or sea or mountain or desert.

I wish you a book you can’t put down.

And I wish you happiness!


Happy  New Year 2017.

Follow your dreams and they’ll follow you back!