What is Evil? Author Kristina Rienzi explores in new release Breaking Evil

I’m thrilled to welcome Kristina Rienzi to my blog! I had a chance to talk with Kristina about her new suspense Breaking Evil, the second book in the Ensouled Trilogy and sequel to Choosing Evil.


Can you tell us about how you came up with your idea for The Ensouled Trilogy?

The question, “What is evil” sparked the inspiration for The Ensouled Trilogy. I wanted to explore what it meant to be evil through multiple character viewpoints. By forcing the main character, Serafina to repeatedly examine her true nature throughout the trilogy, the lines between good and evil blurred until they seemed invisible.

What was your favorite part of Breaking Evil (Ensouled Trilogy, Book 2) to write?

I loved writing the action scenes, and there are so many of those in this book! My favorite scene, which applies to all the books I write, is the climax. The rise of action and energy is intoxicating to me as a writer. I never want the climax to end!

I really enjoyed the twists and turns in Choosing Evil, your first book in the series. What can we expect from Sera and Damon in Book 2?

Sera and Damon are on a supernatural thrill ride In Book 2. They’re wavering between two worlds, and deciding on a moment to moment basis at times, where they stand. This story is action packed and for a good reason: Sera and Damon are on a mission to save lives. As the truth is revealed, they can’t determine whether demons or humans are worth the sacrifice.

Do you listen to music while writing? If so, what are your go-to tunes?

I don’t listen to music, but I always have “The Twilight Zone” (1960s version) on in the background. I know all of the episodes by heart, so I don’t need to watch them, but their tone sets the stage for me to write with twists and suspense in mind. It’s my signature writing tool, along with a pot of coffee!

I’m looking forward to reading more! Can you tell us what project are you working on now?

Thank you, Christine! I’m so excited about my current project. It’s a sci-fi thriller called, Among Us. In this story, we meet Marci Simon, an English Professor with an undying curiosity about the existence of intelligent life in the universe. When Marci is given a classified government document with the proof she’s always wanted, she embarks on a quest to share its content with the world. Soon, she’s on the run from the ESA and a mission to reveal the truth before the proof, and her life, are extinguished forever.



Excerpt from Breaking Evil

Time was of the essence. Sera burst out of her room and into the hallway and raced down the long corridor. As she reached the winding stairs, she opened her mouth to scream that she was coming for Damon. But before she could say anything, a booming crack silenced her. It bellowed loudly. 

The noise stopped her in her tracks. She had no idea where the sound had come from. Dazed, she froze in her steps and looked around, trying to identify its source. What was that? Her blood pumped fast through her system. When she took her next step, an excruciating and undeniable agony came over her. She had been attacked.

Stars swirled and danced in her vision. Everything dimmed.  The back of her head throbbed. The pain pounded in her skull, making a ba-boom sound over and over again. Without further warning, her body gave way, and she dropped fast to the hard floor. As she fell and desperately tried to right herself, she spun on the perfect angle to see the reason for her unfortunate circumstance. He loomed over her, poised for a further assault. 

Her attacker was a dark, blurry figure. He watched her collapse with his small beady eyes glaring at her from the holes in his black mask. While the hunter’s face was obscured, his smile gleamed brightly in the dimly lit house. Sera could have sworn she heard laughter. It was a note higher than she anticipated. She noticed the hunter’s right arm; he was positioned ready to strike. He wielded a giant baseball bat, which had just connected with her head.

“What the…?” Sera’s rage metamorphosed into energy, thrusting through her like a roaring and violent storm. It readied her body to respond to her attacker.  

The hunter pulled his arm back slowly until it was raised high above his head. He paused, a cocky move, meant to intimidate her.

Unwilling to fall victim to the masked assailant, Sera summoned her supernatural strength once again and pushed herself off the floor to face him. In a flash, he twisted his body and swung the bat toward her. Sera hesitated a beat too long, just enough for the demon hunter to get his wish.

She had been mere inches away from an upright stance, when the bat, in full swing, connected with her cheekbone. The impact sent Sera careening backward until she slammed up against a wall.

For seconds she teetered on the edge of the top stair.  Finally, she lost her battle with her balance and slid off the wall. To save herself, she took a leap, high into the air. But nonetheless, her body tumbled and crashed down the steps of the grand staircase.

The fall felt as if it lasted for minutes, but only seconds had passed. Conscious as she experienced her soar through the air, her body twisted and turned as it made its way to the bottom of the stairs. Without warning, her head smashed violently onto the marble foyer entrance. Everything faded to black.

About author Kristina Rienzi


Kristina Rienzi is an American author who has been writing in some fashion for several decades. In 2014, she achieved traditional publication for her debut novel, Choosing Evil (Ensouled Trilogy, Book One), and has since independently published, Luring Shadows, Twisted, and Winter Road. Her latest novel, Breaking Evil (Ensouled Trilogy, Book Two) will be releasing soon.

Professionally, Kristina has been active in the writing community as a member of several organizations such as Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime and International Thriller Writers. She has also served as the New Jersey Romance Writers Literary Book Fair Chair and, most recently, the President of Sisters in Crime-New Jersey. Kristina holds a Masters Degree in Psychological Counseling and a Senior Professional Human Resources Certificate, working in both fields throughout her business career.

Personally, Kristina is married and doggie mommy to Pekingese and Shih-Tzu pups. Although a New Jersey resident, she dreams of one day moving to Hawaii and living the ‘Aloha’ way. When she is not writing, she spends her time reading, watching paranormal investigations, rooting for her West Virginia Mountaineers and relaxing with her loved ones, wine in hand.

You can find Kristina here:

Website: www.kristinarienzi.com

Facebook: Kristina Rienzi

Twitter: @kristinarienzi