Book Breakups are hard to do!


Saying goodbye to a good book is hard. Really hard. Sometimes gut wrenching!

When I become submerged in a good story, I connect to the characters and hop into their life journey. I learn what gives them superpowers, and what scares them in the dark. I want to read at every free moment… over coffee, waiting for doctor appointments, and at bedtime. And sometimes, gulp, even over dinner. This can go on for days, sometimes weeks, and then it comes time to close that last page and say goodbye. At eleven years old, I can still remember finishing the Little House on the Prairie series and wondering how I’d make it through the rest of the summer without my friend Laura Ingalls Wilder. We’d go to Plum Creek together daily!

As an author, I spend countless hours creating characters (or them telling me who they are!). In my latest novel The Dark Path, Parker Stillen’s journey was tough, and this reflected in his not-so-great choices that put him in the middle of a murder. When I typed The End, I immediately missed Parker in my ear. This guy would get himself in a mess, and tell me to get him out of it. Like I could! Time and time again, I had to tell him no. He had to figure it out on his own, so he could grow. Is it wrong to just want him to be happy?

But alas, I’m ready to send him into the world and share his roller coaster with others. I’ll miss him and his journey.

Have you read a character that you’ve missed well after closing the book?


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